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Institute of neurosurgery named after acad. A.P.Romodanov of AMS of Ukraine УКРРУСENG
  Neuroradiology and radioneurosurgery

Neuroradiology and radioneurosurgery

Ukrainian neurosurgical journal


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Institute of neurosurgery named after academician AP Romodanov is the lead institution for the specialty Neurosurgery in Ukraine

Fields of activity :
● Diagnostic and treatment of adults and children with disorders of the nervous system
   – tumors of the brain and spinal cord and peripheral nerves
   – vascular pathology of the neck, head and spinal cord (aneurysm, malformation, stroke)
   – Acute traumatic brain and spinal injury, peripheral nerve injury and the consequences of such injuries
   – functional disorders of the nervous system (Parkinson's disease, epilepsy)
   – degenerative diseases of the spine (herniated discs)
   – pain syndromes
● Scientific research
   – search for new and improvement of existing methods of diagnostic and treatment of diseases of the nervous system
● Organizational Activity 
   – organization of neurosurgical meetings
   – publication of informational materials about innovations
● Training
  – the institute has clinical residency, graduate school and information and training monothematic courses
  – the institute has Specialized Academic Council in thesis defense by Neurosurgery
● Publishing
   – Institute of Neurosurgery is the co-founder of Ukrainian Neurosurgical Journal

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Засідання товариства нейрохірургів м.Києва та Київської області відбудеться 19.01.2017 року

19.12.16. Scientific Organizational Department web-page update

28.11.2016. Сайт Інституту нейрохірургії входить до 10 кращих сайтів наукових установ України

18.11.2016. Опублікована остання редакція проекту Статуту Інституту з урахуванням зауважень і пропозицій

16.11.2016. Семінар «Можливості платформи Web of Science…" відбудеться 21.11.2016.

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